Welcome to Zorbie Products Ltd.

Nobody knows oil clean up like we do!

We are the Largest Distributor of Zorbie Brand Products, Absorbents, Secondary Containment and Lloyds Laboratories Lubricants, Cleaners and Degreasers. The Zorbie Products Team takes great pride in supplying the highest quality, environmentally friendly products in the industry. We are best known for our reliable delivery service and friendly knowledgeable staff. In addition, Zorbie offers complimentary spill response training ensuring our products are used efficiently and confidently.


Zorbie supplies any size spill kit to meet our customers needs. We also welcome custom spill kit orders.



Zorbie proudly distributes quality SEI Industries berms that can be used for fuel, water or chemicals.



Spill response training is available & 24 Hr Emergency responders in the event of a spill. Please view our spill management training video.


Working Together for a Cleaner Environment!

Environmental Regulations and Laws have impacted several companies in recent years. We aim to raise awareness, and subsequently help avoid penalties to those establishments who are not adequately prepared in the event of a spill. Spill response training, action plans and knowledge of product alleviate the potential for expensive fines. Our goal is to provide viable, safe and simple solutions to help protect our environment for our future generations.

Please feel free to browse our website, should you have any questions/concerns please contact Customer Service.


Russell Simpson